Thursday, April 1, 2010

awkward post

Late last year I moved from Charlotte, NC to Seattle, WA. The people here are a very different breed from North Carolinians, but not so different that they understand my humor. I guess awkward sarcasm is not as funny to the east or west coasts as it is to me. The weather is not as cold or rainy as I anticipated, but cold and rainy enough that I'm aching for summer's sunshine and warmth.

Since I'm a nanny now, and both of the baby's parents are optometrists, I get certain perks. For example, I get free glasses and contacts. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but glasses are friggin' expensive! With my awesome job, I was able to get a $3000 pair of glasses in exchange for baking a lasagna. Amazing. In another few months, I will be eligible for free lasik surgery. Terrifying.

One of the other perks of my job? Free travel. We are preparing for travel to California next week for an optometry conference and mini-vacation. I've never been to CA. I was born in a tiny little town in FL, way on the opposite coast of the nation, and now I'm planning on vacationing at a resort in Indian Wells, California. I expect to see beautiful people, fabulous celebrity restaurants, Chinese bootlegged movies, and poverty. Lots of poverty, b/c we'll also be staying with family in the non-glam part of LA. So while we'll be staying at a resort for the conference, it will be balanced out by reality in other ways. BUT I'm still excited b/c the baby's father was in the same elementary school class as Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Freaking Huxtable)! They're Facebook friends! And we're staying in the same neighborhood that "Boys in the Hood" was filmed! I can finally live out my dreams of being an Asian gangster!

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