Monday, September 20, 2010

Blackberry syrup

A few weeks ago, I set out to use up some of the blackberries harvested from our backyard. Since we already had full containers of both strawberry and blackberry jams, and because I was craving pancakes at 11pm, I made blackberry syrup.

Quaker Oats Oatmeal Pancakes, still working on my pancake technique

Here's the problem though, I don't have a recipe. I kind of just made it up, and didn't write down any measurements. It is similar to this recipe. I mashed the berries through a colander first to remove some of the seeds, boiled it with some water and lime juice, and added Splenda rather than sugar a bit at a time until it was sweet enough, but not overly sweet. Because of the reduced sugar amount, I also added in a teaspoon of cornstarch to thicken it. It was nice!


Christine said...

Yum! Can you mail me this for my wedding day breakfast? I'm addicted to blackberry anything, especially fresh blackberries muddled in my iced tea.

Angeline said...

I must visit you and pick blackberries!!!!