Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

So...I never posted about these cookies that I decorated for Halloween...My bad. I made eyeball cookies for a church gathering.

I didn't have time to make sugar cookies, so I bought some fake oreos (foreos?).
Then, I mixed up some cookie icing. I use this cookie icing from Allrecipes, but sub vanilla extract for almond.
I like for the icing to be a bit thick, because it's easier to spread around on a cookie that way. (I spread it on using a fork.) Decorating with sugar icing will take patience and practice, so bear with it if you're just starting!
P1140437After the cookies are iced with the white layer, let them dry.  I think these dried in 45 min or so.
P1140445Add some blue food coloring to some of the leftover white icing. Place in a piping bag with a tip, or just snip the corner of a bag and go at it.
I would recommend icing a few at a time, and then immediately adding a chocolate chip in the middle of the blue layer, so that it doesn't dry before you can add the "pupil."
Once these babies are dry, you can leave them as is, or for a creepier effect, use a toothpick and some red food coloring to add vein or pools of blood around the iris...

I hope you'll consider doing this for your next Halloween party!

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