Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog feature: I Am Baker

Hello, everyone. 

I feel like I just died and went straight to cookie heaven after viewing this cookie gallery by Amanda at i am mommy. Please please please check out her cookie gallery. I felt like a kid in a candy (cookie?) factory when I found that site. Her work is beautiful, and she is nice enough to share her tips/tricks!

While I am super jealous of Amanda's mad skills, I am also inspired by her creative designs, non-dessert recipes, and how proudly she displays her faith on her blog. I would love to be as bold as she is. Although I am a Christian, I cannot say that I am totally comfortable identifying myself as such when introducing myself. I have a fear that doing so would allow others to judge me prematurely based solely off of my faith. Does anyone else have that problem? I don't think that it is embarrassment, because I'm not ashamed of my salvation, but why aren't I more proud of it? Gonna have to work on that one a little bit more...

1 comment:

gretroid said...

ohhhhh my gosh i want to make the garbage cookies on her blog. they look INCREDIBLE.

and i totally understand about the sharing your faith part. it's hard, but it's part of who you are. it comes out whether you're saying it or not. :)