Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-day approaches

Valentine's Day is soon! I don't actually like the holiday, but my very first post was about Valentine's Day, so I guess it will always have significance for me now. Here are some cupcakes I made recently that bring back that loving feeling:

These are strawberry cupcakes (boxed cake mix) topped with an experimental, low-fat cream cheese frosting. I wanted to create a frosting that would be lower fat, but also less sweet than a traditional butter cream frosting. I replaced part of the cream cheese with finely blended cottage cheese to reduce some of the fat, but the result was a bit runny, and not so fluffy. It tasted good, and wasn't too sweet, so I'll probably try to make it again (with much fluffier results, hopefully).

Since the cupcakes didn't look "right" with the experimental frosting, I decided to add some sprinkles I'd found in the Target bargain bin. By doing so, I successfully undermined my initial aim to make these treats less fattening:
But look how cute they are!
 They're sprinkles! In heart shapes and pretty colors! And I only paid $2.50 for the set!


shelly said...

the frosting doesn't look runny at all. looks delicous. and the sprinkles are super cute! cute trumps low-fat.

Rachel B said...

Oh yuumy!!! Chau those look amazing! Reminds me of the gluten-free cupcake bar my husband and I had at our recent wedding! We had two different kinds of cupcakes and two different kinds of frosting. It allowed people to have what they want, and have fun. I wish we had some cool sprinkles though. Those are lovely! I'll have to go look in Target for some. :D