Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salmon "caviar"

Went camping and salmon fishing over the weekend on beautiful Whidbey Island, near Fort Casey State Park. It was my first time fishing for salmon, and I caught 2 of them! After fileting the salmon, I set out to preserve the roe. Ended up using Homebrew Chef's recipe for curing salmon roe. Though the brine itself was easy enough to assemble, it took me a long time to remove the eggs from the membrane. Now I understand why caviar and roe are so expensive!

Town of Coupeville on the island has the BEST mint choc chip at Kapaws Iskreme
Reeling 'em in. "I wants it," said Andrew.
Sunset at Keystone Harbor, where we fished
I worked very hard to make this salmon "caviar"

Uses for cured salmon roe, or salmon "caviar," but I haven't tried:
Ikuradon: salmon caviar with rice and seaweed

Side note: If you'd like to try salmon "caviar," Seattle Caviar Company sells it for $20 for a 4 oz. tin, and I'm sure their process is much more refined than what I did. Or, you could probably find it at a local Asian market for a reasonable price.

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shelly said...

way to go!! great pictures, too! looks like you had a blast