Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stove top vs oven roast

I love a good, slow roasted pork. For the thriftster in me, there is something magical about taking a cheap hunk of meat, and turning it into something delightful. (That's what she said?)  While I usually prefer the oven method, I thought I would try a stove top recipe. 

Can we get a few more carbs on this plate, please?

The recipe called for garlic and rosemary, which I love. The meat and some red wine (also love any excuse to open a bottle of wine) created a lot of juices in the pot, which I used to cook potatoes in before pan roasting them. Verdict: The flavors were ok, but not great, so I'm not sharing the roast recipe.  I do frequently use this one, even though it doesn't require wine.

 No uploads of the whole roast, because I don't know how to take pictures of meat without making it look repugnant.

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