Monday, November 22, 2010

More turkey talk

Champagne Basted Turkey Photo: Taste of Home  
How gorgeous is that??? When I first saw the recipe for champagne basted turkey in the November 2010 issue of Taste of Home, I was thrilled. It seemed so fancy, yet so do-able for any kind of cook. I want to try this recipe, but fear that I'd end up drinking all the champagne, rather than cooking with it. I can really imagine it--in my champagne induced state, I'll forget to actually baste the turkey. I really hope that someone out there does use this recipe, and tell me how it goes. 

Sausage Snack Wraps Photo: Pillsbury
Every time I'm home for the holidays, my nieces, nephews, and older brother ask for these. Pillsbury calls them sausage snack wraps, but in our home, they're known as "pigs in a blanket." Easy is an important adjective on such a big cooking day, because the less time you need to focus on appetizers and sides, the more you can focus on the main courses and desserts. I'm telling you, these babies are easy and tasty.

Corn and Bacon Chowder Photo: Oxymoor House

This recipe from Cooking Light requires few ingredients, and comes together beautifully. Assuming that you already have most of these ingredients on hand for your other T-giving dishes, this would be an easy, fast, and delightful addition to your menu. 

Guys...I really love Thanksgiving. Can you tell??? - I'm thankful for a holiday that doesn't require atonement or starvation


shelly said...

sausage snack wraps? pffff. piggies in blankies!

i might be in charge of the turkey this year (my first time) so maybe i'll try the champagne baste!

gretroid said...

that corn and bacon chowder looks soooo good. i want to curl up on my couch on a cold day and eat some.

EdibLessons said...

Shelly: Please please please do it, and take pictures. Then blog about it. Then send me some.