Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Talk

Oh, Natalie Dee.
There are plenty of pumpkin pie recipes out there, so I won't be sharing one. Truthfully? I can't stand pumpkin pie. I know. It's a beloved and classic pie, and most people change their positive opinions of me once they hear that I don't enjoy it. You don't know shame until you've lost a friend over pumpkin pie. I think it's the texture I don't like, but can't really be sure. I like custards, and pumpkin pie is just a big round custard, isn't it???

Pumpkin swirl brownies
If there are any readers out there who share my dislike for pumpkin pie, this is my reconciliation dessert. Pumpkin swirl brownies are great because: 1. It has seasonal flavor of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. 2. It has chocolate. 3. It's not pumpkin pie. According to my friend Jonathan, these are great because "you can only eat so many brownies." The pumpkin adds a balance to the deep chocolate flavor and dense texture. Use any brownie mix you want. (I subbed a small portion of the oil for the brownies with pumpkin puree. It didn't change the texture/flavor at all, but added nutrients and reduced some of the fat.)

I love carrot cake, because...well, because it's DELICIOUS. This Joy of Baking recipe is pretty standard, but I feel like carrot cake is under-appreciated, and wanted to share the love.

Pecan Tarts
I made these last Christmas. Pecan pies are one of my all time favorites, and these tarts are perfect. With a cream cheese crust, and a filling that's not so sweet it overwhelms the pecan flavor, I just didn't have the heart to even try to make this into a lower fat recipe. (I keep telling myself that they're smaller portions, so it's ok that they're full fat.) These are absolutely fabulous, and let's be honest, mini-pies are cute.
*Edit: Do those look like poop pies to anyone else?*

I hope you'll try some of these desserts for your post-nap Thanksgiving treat!

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Jin said...

I had a carrot cupcake last night and it was the best one I had ever had in my life. Lucky little 1 yr old had it for her party yesterday. Her mama made them!