Monday, April 25, 2011

I love sprinkles. Duh.

Thanks to my friend Greta, I got lost in the world of today. More specifically, I could not find the willpower to leave the Tasty Treats section.

There were many photos and recipes that stood out for me, but these two in particular made my heart sing:

Photo: Rosco Weber, BraveTart

5 words: Make your own motherloving sprinkles. I never thought of making my own before, but now I simply must. Many thanks to the duo of Stella Parks and Rosco Weber for this inspiration.

Which leads us to...
Photo: Kokomama of Kokocooks

While attending college, my lovely friend Shelly (Peanut Butter Shelly Time) would often make Funfetti cake to celebrate birthdays. Even though it was just a white cake, the sprinkles somehow made it seem tastier and wonderful. This homemade confetti cake from Kokocooks is absolutely beautiful, and the entry that the recipe is posted in is very touching.

Now, who wants to make confetti cake with homemade sprinkles with me???


gretroid said...

meeeee! i do!! come to DC! or i'll come to seattle. :)

shelly said...

yeah seriously. lets have a homemade funfetti cake orgy!!