Monday, May 17, 2010

Eggs in a basket

I received a gift in the mail last week from my friend Shelly in DC:

It's The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond!

ashslkiolkad! It was signed!

I read the desserts section first, then oohed and ahhhed my way through the rest. This morning was my first attempt at a recipe from her book--eggs in a hole, eggs in a basket, or oops I did it agains (j/k about that one). They have many names, but simply, they are:

Bread (wheat pictured) with a hole

Some butter is put into a hot pan. Bread goes in the hot pan, and then:

 You fry an egg in the hole. 

You'll want to flip it over so that the top cooks. If you're like me, you can freak out after you flip it because you're afraid that the yolk will over cook, and take it out of the pan quickly before the bread has enough time to toast. You can also throw that extra piece of bread that you cut out into the pan, and dip it in the yolk later.

Gosh. I know it seems so easy that this recipe shouldn't be written about, but the first (and last time) I had this was in Mrs. Terrell's 2nd grade class. It brought back memories of a really loving and wonderful teacher who did everything to make sure that I would be safe after she found out that my parents were going through a nasty divorce. This meal was simple, yes, but also warm and comforting. 

I like bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon.

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