Monday, May 3, 2010

I ate another baby

I loved making/eating that dutch baby yesterday. I enjoyed it so much that I made it again for brunch today (with a few changes).

 Well, hello there.

So, I halved the recipe for one serving, and cut some of these bad boys up:

This time, instead of browning the butter in a skillet on the stove, I just added a dab of margarine to my heart shaped baking pan that Lycheeyum bought me for V-day this year (what romance), and popped the thing in the preheating oven. (Before pouring the batter into the hot pan, it helps to swirl the butter/marg around.)

Once the sides rose up high, I reduced the heat from 425 to 375 so it would be a bit lighter in texture.

Take a look, decide it doesn't look right and...
Dump a whole pile of strawberries on top. Ahhhh, yes.

First bite, this song starts playing.

I liked it this time, but I missed the custard-y texture of yesterday's baby. That's my fault though, since I was trying for a lighter one. Also, I think I put too much margarine in the pan, so I'll have to try again sometime (soon) to get just the right amount. That being said, it was amazingly simple and delicious. I loved it. Can you tell???

On a related note...check this out. Lots of dutch babies.

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Lycheeyum said...

So now you're eating the hearts of dutch babies! When will it end?!