Monday, May 31, 2010


I have a slight problem. My family LOVES lasagna (and I enjoy making it), but...

it always looks so ugly.

This particular one is really tasty, and I like to substitute healthier alternatives whenever possible (ground turkey, cottage cheese, spinach, etc.). Still, even with all those healthier choices, I'm pretty sure that the benefits were negated by the massive amounts of cheese that my sister requires:

Sweet Cheesus.

Anyone have tips on how to make a better looking lasagna?


Christine said...

Do you cook your lasagna noodles first? or layer them in the lasagna uncooked? From what I understand, if you put them in uncooked, they won't bend as much and be as curly, which would lead to a more uniform looking lasagna layer. Just an idea.

EdibLessons said...

Thanks for the tip! I don't boil my noodles, I just let the sauce and extra water cook it...I'll have to boil them next time for a prettier presentation. I also wonder if I were to soak the noodles overnight, if that would soften them at all?