Friday, June 11, 2010

Lisa Relaford Coston

 June 10, 1963 - January 27, 2010

Lisa was my voice teacher, mentor, and an incredible friend. In my first couple of years of college, my experience with another voice teacher hadn't been pleasant, and I remember being extremely nervous in my first lesson with Lisa. The first piece of music I ever studied with her was from Handel's Messiah, "He shall feed His flock." She told me that her father was her first voice teacher, and that the first piece he ever taught her was from Messiah, and so she thought of him every time she heard something from it. Now, I think of Lisa whenever I hear Messiah.  

If you made Lisa laugh, she would throw her head back, and just let her joy spring out from her heart. She was one of the best parts of my college experience. I can remember very clearly the exact moment when she taught me the difference between having a beautiful voice and singing beautifully. Lisa is the person who taught me what true enjoyment of music is like when you sing it for God.  

I often think of Lisa, and wonder how her teaching/singing is going before I can remind myself that she's with the Lord. Yesterday, when I was programming phone numbers into my new cell phone, I added hers on my new phone too. I miss her all the time.

Happy birthday, Lisa! Love you.

Here's a video of Lisa singing shortly before her passing:

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gretroid said...

oh man, everytime i watch that video i cry. i miss her a lot.