Monday, June 14, 2010

Taco truck

On Friday, my sister and I made plans to go shopping, then follow that with a picnic in the park so that Kyle could play for a bit. That is, until we found Taco del Sol. It's a taco truck. And it was parked right outside our favorite thrift store that day. So what was supposed to be leftover chicken sandwiches and carrot sticks turned into this: 

Enchiladas under that pile somewhere

My favorite: torta cubana

It's a simple combination of bread, breakfast and amazingness.

Now, I usually don't advocate that anyone approach a middle aged man offering goodies from a white truck, but this was the exception. If you see a Taco del Sol truck, go for it. We each paid $5 for our plates, it was more than enough food, and it was AMAZING.

And yes, I did eat the carrot sticks.

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