Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alexandria, Va

Had dinner with a few friends from college tonight. The plan was that I would make dinner, and my friend Chucklebum and I would bake together for the blog. This is what actually happened:
Dinner: Kona chicken with rice and steamed veggies

Start making dessert

"Let's have some wine!" "YAY!!!"

"Let's slosh our way through dessert making!" "Gyurrrggghhhh..."

We tried four different kinds of ice cream for our cupcakes: strawberry, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and banana. Considering that it was messy, and the brownie bottoms baked a little too long, the result was pretty fantastic! It was easy and tasty! Check out the link above for "Joy the Baker's" recipe.

The chicken was just as effortless and tasty, although I omitted the honey and baked it instead of using a slow cooker. It was such a relief to be cooking/baking again after eating out every day for a week! I really, really missed being able to choose my ingredients and be part of the cooking process...isn't that sad?

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