Friday, July 23, 2010

Pita House in Old Town Alexandria

Went to a restaurant in Old Town last night called "Pita House." I ordered their "choose your own 3" platter: rice, beef souvlaki, and falafel. It was good food, and moderately priced. I've been there before, and both times it was a pleasant experience. This time however, I discovered something new that I've never had before. Please don't laugh at me if you've had this before, but I tried their lemonade. Yes. Lemonade, but with rosewater. eiad lkjdoaijd elakd AMAZING.

I love you.

It was lightly sweet, not too tart, and the rosewater added a fragrance and pleasure that I don't often find in a non-alcoholic beverage. It was simple, but new to me. I now have dreams of making my own rosewater so that I can add it to other things...strawberry lemonade, cakes, tea, butter cookies, popsicles, coffee...Ok, maybe not coffee. I'll have to work on that list a bit more...

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celi.a said...

Oh hey! Cecelia-from-dinner-before-Bible-Study-the-other-night here. Greta pointed your blog out to me. It looks scrumptious! I'll be following. *grin*